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Financing web pages through advertising has become very difficult, even almost impossible due to the requirements of new data protection requirements (GDPR). Since I want to avoid a paid service to enable all of you to use it, I try to realize the financing by means of voluntary support.

Help me to continue to provide Mailfriends and Penpals free of charge. At least the monthly costs for the operation must be covered (hosting, maintenance, other business expenses). Everything that goes beyond that is used for further development - and should it ultimately be insufficient, any remaining support will be donated to a charitable cause.

Yes, with a monthly support, you'll be upfront without knowing if Mailfriends and Penpals will actually survive this phase - but I am doing the same by investing all my free time in a relaunch that may not happen in the end due to a lack of funding. I rely on your support - and you should trust me that I'll everything to provide you both websites again.

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