We help non-profit organizations to have their website free

wsb.digital's goal is to receive $50.00 per week.
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We help non-profit organizations to have their free website, a web hosting space and email.

How do we help?

** No Cost Fee: ** Some organizations can receive this service if their annual income is below $ 5000. We design your website, we provide web hosting and email service with up to 10 boxes at no cost.

** Differentiated rate: ** the other organizations receive the web design, hosting and email service with a discount of 35% of the traditional rate.

Why help us?

We are a very small website design and digital services agency that choose to dedicate a portion of our work to helping non-profit organizations so that they can multiply their task. We invest a part of our income to help non-profit organizations for free and another part to generate income that allows us to live with dignity.

Nonprofit organizations

** Organizations with annual income less than USD 5000 **: Your organization can receive our free web design and domain hosting service. We are currently able to help 15 organizations with this fee. Do not hesitate to contact us by writing to <nonprofit@watsabi.com>


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