Systems Analyst and Game Developer

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Systems Analyst/ Game Developer/ Pixel Artist

FLOSS/ Python/ Ren'Py/ Godot Engine/ Krita

Dyslexic/ PT/ EN/ 日本語🔰

Website: https://tumeo.space/

  • BTC: 14RJGXC6uCaFhUHb8qVjQvDvUZwygSupYk
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gdscript-playground 28 Updated 2 months ago

Web server implementation of the GDScript CLI Wrapper

untitled-glue-game 5 Updated 3 years ago

A game made in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2020.

monster-hunter-pocket 17 Updated 4 years ago

:space_invader: A mini-game inspired by the Monster Hunter game for One Button Jam.

godot-atl 4 Updated 5 years ago

A simple Visual Editor for Ren'Py ATL system using Godot Engine 3

burnt 0 Updated 5 years ago

Lowrezjam entry

godot-sandbox 31 Updated 5 years ago

Godot Engine Stuff

catalendas 0 Updated 5 years ago

Catalendas - A Lenda da Cabeça Voadora


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