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Aisling Fae, writing transfeminine fiction in English and Spanish

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Hello, my name is Aisling Fae. I'm a Dominican trans woman living in Berlin. I'm a writer, a scientist, and a witch.

I write mostly fiction. Short stories set in the very real present full of magic, and ghosts and demons and science that we don't know exists, but it's there in conceptual space. Also, occasionally, sci-fi set in the future.but so far no high fantasy.

All my stories are written in English and then translated to Spanish by myself, you can download them for pay what you can at https://transfaerie.com

Occasionally, I'll write non-fiction, about being trans, about the importance of dismantling capitalism as the source of all materials oppression. But always cognisant of the way in which capitalism targets some people differently than others y that our communism must be explicitly against ableism, transantagonism, patriarchy, racism, and other forms of systemic oppression.

I have a part time job and I'm going to University. It's barely enough to cover my bills and often not even that, so any help is appreciated and frees up time and energy for creative endeavours. Thank you very much!

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