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Hi, my name is Timothée Goguely. I’m a french designer and front-end developer, and I’m also the admin of mastodon.design.

This instance welcomes everyone makers, designers, curious people that love to build things and talk about it.

Although there is no registration fee, it would be SUPER nice if you’d drop a few $ / € to support me with the instance hosting costs. This instance is hosted on Masto.host for 7€/month (many thanks @Hugo for all the good work!) and has a custom domain for 44,45€/year at Infomaniak.com fo a total bill of 128.45€ per year (10.7€ per month).

So if you can afford to financially support mastodon.design and the Fediverse with a few cents per week, I would be very grateful 🙏

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