Kody (André Fernandes)

Owner of CTOON, /sug/.rocks and im-in.space.

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Hi, I'm André "Kody" Fernandes (or even "kdy" in some places).

I'm the owner of CTOON (a streaming service for cartoons), /sug/.rocks (a website dedicated to Steven Universe and the Steven Universe Generals (/sug/) on 4chan) and also the owner of im-in.space (a Mastodon instance).

I've been running pretty much everything with my own money and with donations made by my kind and regular users. All I do is definitely not free for me, but I'm enjoying it.

Unfortunately, those services do get quite a lot of traffic, bigger servers and maintenance is now needed, which I can't afford all by myself. This is why I'll be grateful if people would like to make donations to me so I can run everything without external tracking ads.

Thanks a lot for reading and thanks again if you want to help me keep everything online! :)

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