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Kaymakκιν, located in the old neighbourhood of Kaymakli*, is an attempt to create a common space, open to individuals and groups aiming for political, social, and cultural intervention. It is the outcome of the realisation of the need for a space where we can spread and exchange ideas, form networks and interact in Nicosia. It is a self-managed space, and its operation relies on self-organisation and collective action. Kaymakκιν is managed by an assembly of individuals and collectives through direct democratic and horizontal organisational structures and consensus decision-making processes. Against the dominant rationale of hierarchy and the exercise of power “from above”, against capitalism and neoliberalism, we organize outside a commercial framework and the logic of profit.

Kaymakκιν is a political project and is part of the broader radical left community in Cyprus. We want to become a space of freedom, which allows for the expression of libertarian ideas and the actualisation of radical actions. A space that defies and resists any form of discrimination. A space which allows all those whose voice is silenced, oppressed and excluded from the dominant discourse to be heard. Since the beginning of its operation in March 2015, Kaymakκιν has acted as a space of fermentation of ideas, bringing together G/C and T/C groups, migrant groups, women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Because of this networking, many actions were co-organised in the social space and the streets, regarding issues such as fascism and nationalism, immigration, the Cyprus problem, capitalism, labour rights, ecology, gender and sexuality. Many presentations, discussions, photography exhibitions, and theatrical performances were hosted in the space. This is where the yearly festival Genders and Power and the monthly Autonomous school take place, facilitating alternative interpretations and approaches to various matters. Aiming towards self-education, a library is also in operation at the space, as well as a physical and digital archive of material from the broader radical political space of Cyprus.

We are open to new ideas, suggestions, and actions, hoping to build cooperative connections, beginning from within our neighbourhood. Kaymakκιν is open on Mondays for Yoga lessons, on Thursdays for movie screenings, on Fridays for the Antifa kavhene, and on Saturdays at noon for a collective kitchen.


*kaymak/καϊμάκκιν: the foam formed on the surface of boiling milk or coffee. Kaymakli took its name from the Turkish word Kaymaklı during the Ottoman period, meaning the area where «καϊμάκκιν» and/or “sourmilk” is produced.

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