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✌️Hello! We are MailTape.

MailTape is an art collective dedicated to musical emergence launched in 2011. We release a playlist co-curated with a surprise guest each Sunday morning.💎

Structured as a non-profit organization, MailTape gathers about twenty volunteers, among them curators, writers and illustrators.

More than 300 artists have already participated, most recently Muddy Monk, Sissel Wincent, Amen Dunes, Flavien Berger, Jerry Paper... Two live shows were also organised in 2018 at Le Popup (Paris) and Le Barboteur (Pantin). And we intend to continue!

Donations are used to cover the technical costs of the site and allow us to cover the risks related to the organization of live events.

✋ We are committed to providing an experience that respects people: ethical design, no algorithms, no advertising, no trackers.

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