I work on InfiniTime (FOSS firmware for PineTime) and many other open-source projects

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I am passionate about IT, (embedded) software development and open source technologies in general. I'm mainly working on the InfiniTime project, an open source firmware for the PineTime smartwatch from Pine64.

InfiniTime, an open source firmware for PineTime

InfiniTime is a project I created at the end of 2019 which consists in developing a firmware in C ++, based on FreeRTOS, LVGL and NimBLE for the Pine64 smartwatch, the PineTime. Since then, the project has grown, and has even become the firmware to be programmed by default at the factory. All PineTime users therefore receive their connected watch running InfiniTime! As the project receives more and more contributions from other developers, I do my best to share my knowledge, help other developers to create the pull-requests and promote the project.

I am also very active in the [Pine64] community (https://www.pine64.org/) and in their chat rooms (mainly in the PineTime channel on the Matrix).

Other projects

I also work on other small projects including JFBrew, a temperature controller for beer fermentation chamber, a Lora water consumption meter in Micropython, and many other projects based on the ESP32, ESP8266 and the STM32. I hope I can get started with RISC-V soon!

About donations

Working on these projects is a lot of fun, allows me to learn a lot of things and meet (virtually, most of the time) great people. It also takes a lot of my time!

Your donations will allow me to buy myself a coffee a day, a beer a week, keep my PC running and most importantly: pay my wife a restaurant to compensate for the time I spend on these projects rather than she !

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cfRFM69 Stars 7 Updated 3 years ago

RFM69 driver library for ESP32/Arduino

cfGUI Stars 93 Updated 3 years ago

A simple GUI library for M5Stack (ESP32)

nrf52-baseproject Stars 22 Updated 5 years ago

Base project for NRF52 application. Take a look at branches for specific project (like freertos)

jfbrew Stars 6 Updated 5 years ago

JFBrew is a DIY temperature controller for a beer fermentation chamber.

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