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FreeCAD developer and documentation writer

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I do many things in the FreeCAD project, including writing code, writing documentation, triaging bugs, and helping people in the forum. I principally focus on the Draft and Arch Workbenches, which are written entirely in Python, and which include some important pieces like the SVG, DXF, and IFC importers. I am the author of some tools like the different Draft Arrays, and have made many fixes to existing tools in this workbench.

I go through the code hunting for bugs, rewriting sections so that they are more compact and efficient, and making sure the code is compliant with PEP8 guidelines. The codebase of Draft and Arch is quite old, so constant work is needed to make the code more structured and maintainable for the future.

A big task that I also do is writing documentation on the wiki, and making sure it is well structured. Many user pages have been updated with new text and images, which makes the documentation more user friendly and readable. A task that still requires attention is updating the programmers' documentation, as it is old, and not very easy to follow.

Finally, I also review pull requests on the GitHub repository, and basically help wherever I can with icon drawing, testing of other peoples' branches, etc.


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