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Hi, I'm Sébastien Wilmet, I come from Belgium, and I'm a GNOME developer.

History of my contribution milestones:

  • 2009: creation of GNOME LaTeX, a LaTeX editor (see also the project on Liberapay).
  • 2012: started to contribute to the GtkSourceView library (see also the project on Liberapay).
  • 2013: Google Summer of Code on GtkSourceView and gedit.
  • 2013: became a co-maintainer of GtkSourceView.
  • 2014: started to write a guide to get started with GLib/GTK.
  • 2015: creation of gspell, a spell-checking library for GTK applications.
  • 2016: creation of Tepl – the “Text editor product line” – a library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based text editors and IDEs.
  • 2017: became a co-maintainer of Devhelp.

I also contribute from time to time to other modules, like GLib and GTK.

My long-term endeavors

Ease the creation of new text editors

When I started to develop GNOME LaTeX, I figured out that it was not that easy to create a new text editor based on GTK and GtkSourceView. In fact if you looked at the source code of gedit back then, there was 50,000 lines of code just to implement the core features (without the plugins).

So in 2013 I started a project to make the gedit source code more re-usable, by moving features to GtkSourceView or by creating new libraries like gspell and Tepl.

As the GtkSourceView and Tepl roadmap shows, there is still a lot of work to do.

Improve the GNOME developer experience

Another thing that I figured out when I started to develop GNOME LaTeX was that there was no good documentation for beginners on how to write a GTK application in C. More specifically, what the code architecture should look like. To fill that gap, I've started to write this guide, to explain the things that I would have wanted to know when I started.

For Devhelp – the GNOME API browser – what I've done so far is mostly maintenance work. At some point I would like to implement a bigger feature: downloading the latest versions of the API references of GNOME libraries directly in Devhelp. Because currently, the API references are usually installed from Linux distributions packages, so it is less convenient and the documentation may be out-of-date.

Why I'm on Liberapay

Before being on this platform I've done a few fundraisers with PayPal, but I now prefer Liberapay for several reasons:

  • Liberapay is run by a non-profit organization;
  • The platform is rooted in the open source community, and as such it has open source code;
  • It has very low fees, Liberapay is funded like any other project on Liberapay itself. I give them a part of the donations I receive;
  • The donations are recurrent, so it's something I can better count on.

Your donations encourage me to continue my work on GNOME, to take care of the modules that I maintain, and to pursue my long-term endeavors.


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