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My name is Michał and I'm involved in growing Quantum Computing (QC) community.

Blog & Podcast

I'm the author of a blog Musty Thoughts and a podcast Noisy Intermediate-Scale Podcast. I focus on explaining complex topics from QC in an approachable manner and helping people make sense of QC industry and community. Contrary to many other resources, I talk more about the algorithms for the near-term quantum computers that are being built today rather than the machines that will be available 20 years from now.

Some of the most popular articles are: - "How I got job in quantum computing" - "How to start your first QC project" - series about QC algorithms: VQE, QAOA and VQA.

Other activities

Apart from the blog I'm coordinating a mentorship program at Quantum Open Source Foundation. Two batches so far resulted in 32 open-source projects – research projects, tutorials, contributions, etc. I'm also a member of advisory board at Unitary Fund – another organization helping to grow QC ecosystem and an executive member of Q4Climate – an initiatives that looks into how QC could be used to help with climate change. Professionally, I work as a Quantum Software Engineer at Zapata Computing.

Why am I asking for support?

Getting some financial support would simply help me spend more time on creating content, by outsourcing the less creative activities (maintaining website, editing text and audio, etc.), as they can take surprisingly large amount of time.

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