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www.mapamond.net - A short presentation of our company and portfolio of sites.

In Romania – Countries and Regions, we administrate most of European country names like Polonia.ro, Cehia.ro, Danemarca.ro, Suedia.ro, Finlanda.ro, Islanda.ro, Portugal.ro, Belgia.ro, Serbia.ro, MareaBritanie.ro, Estonia.ro, Slovacia.ro, more…

and over 300 other country sites: Japonia.ro, Brazilia.ro, Canada.ro, Venezuela.ro, Moldova.ro, Argentina.ro, Mexico.ro, Filipine.ro, Kenya.ro, Congo.ro, more…

and many cities and capitals: Kiev.ro, HongKong.ro, Beijing.ro, Shanghai.ro, Taipei.ro, Bruxelles.ro, Oslo.ro, Teheran.ro, Beirut.ro, Ankara.ro, Dresda.ro, Strasbourg.ro, Ierusalim.ro, DarEsSalaam.ro, SanktPetersburg.ro, more…

In Moldova we aquired a portfolio of 28 press sites: Ziare.md, International.md, Replica.md, Observator.md, Capitala.md, Cotidian.md, Gazeta.md, Jurnalul.md, Libertatea.md, Reporter.md, more…

Our company domain ⓜMapamond is registred in Serbia – mapamond.rs, Estonia – mapamond.ee, Russia – mapamond.ru, Georgia – mapamond.ge, Armenia – mapamond.am, Moldova – mapamond.md, United States – mapamond.domains, more…

In Romania we also have several general sites: Externe.ro, International.ro, Lumea.ro, Primaria.ro, CryptoMagazin.ro, Jurnalistul.ro, ClubulPresei.ro, Matinal.ro, Liberal.ro, Alianta.ro, Investor.ro, Izvor.ro, Diplomatul.ro, Slujbe.ro, Universitar.ro, Semnează.ro, Italianul.ro, Cubanezul.ro, Japonez.ro, Irlandez.ro, Grecesc.ro, Indian.ro, more…

and regional sites: Brăileanul.ro, Buzoianul.ro, Bucovineanul.ro, Constănțeanul.ro, Lipoveanul.ro, Munteanul.ro, Moldoveanul.ro, Olteanul.ro, Râşnoveanul.ro, Severineanul.ro, Transilvăneanul.ro, more…

All our sites are online and accept guest editors and redactors, sponsored articles, banners, advertorials and promotional campaigns from companies and agencies.

Here is our entire portfolio of sites: www.mapamond.net/domains.

And here is a ⓜ PDF list: www.mapamond.net/domains.pdf.

Our company ⓜMapamond OÜ is located in Tallinn, Estonia and is listed at Estonian Trade Regiser with a REG and EE VAT number.

We can be reached at several contact numbers in 15 countries : US +1 8723481018, Serbia +381 621117943, Ucraina +380 947106026 , Moldova +373 68314607 , Estonia +372 59424689, Romania +40 731552190, etc… Contact.

Our sites are available for advertising campaigns, promotional projects, sponsored articles, advertorials, banner placement, etc … Our advertising rates.

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