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spotube 22379 Updated this week

🎧 Open source Spotify client that doesn't require Premium nor uses Electron! Available for both desktop & mobile!

fl-query 50 Updated 1 month ago

Asynchronous data fetching & data invalidation libraries for Flutter

take_a_break 3 Updated 3 months ago

Breaks = Good Life

wallywiz 13 Updated 4 months ago

A Random Wallpaper shuffler application

metadata_god 19 Updated 5 months ago

Audio file Metadata reading and writing library for Flutter

flemozi 179 Updated 6 months ago

Advanced⚡ Emoji Picker😀 for Linux🐧, Windows🪟 and macOS🍎

wives 121 Updated 8 months ago

A beautiful, modern & feature-rich Terminal Emulator


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