Mouri Sunlight

Libraries and games programmer, Musician

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I work on open-source projects mostly, primarily in Nim. Previously community moderator and contributor for now-defunct comfi.es FOSS org.

I also create music and some YouTube videos, with music being my primary output.

Current projects:

Brutile (software, unpublished) - game engine designed for use by operating system programmers, based around maximal portability

Criminal Jams (music) - covers of various popular songs, involving high degrees of bastarding. infrequent

Mouri Sunlight (music, videos) - primary music project under primary branding name, and some videos as well

Paused projects:

libnimsgp (software) - soft3d render API with functional patterns inspired loosely by GLES3

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nimsgp 2 Updated 2 years ago

software graphics processing api written in Nim


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