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I was born in Lisbon. I have a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and I programme for free-time occupation, leisure and public service.

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geoapi.pt 70 Updated this week

Provides information for Portugal, on official divisional administrative regions, georeferencing, census and postal codes

delp 4 Updated this week

Meta Simple Portuguese Dictionary

words-pt 3 Updated this week

The list of all the words in Portuguese, including all possible combinations and variations (masculine, feminine, plural, singular, verbal conjugations, etc.)

in-my-district 34 Updated 3 weeks ago

APP to report in Portugal to the local authorities certain irregularities in one's neighborhood or district

form-for-parking-violation 35 Updated 3 weeks ago

APP para submissão de queixa de estacionamento ilegal

autocosts 31 Updated 2 months ago

The monorepo for the fully free and open source full-stack Car Costs Calculator for more than 30 countries

cordova-import-npm 2 Updated 5 months ago

Import files from npm packages into your cordova www directory automatically, upon cordova prepare or cordova build

police-finder 0 Updated 7 months ago

Find the police authority close to you

bike-reporter 6 Updated 7 months ago

Envie denúncia às autoridades enquanto ciclista

paragraph-builder 0 Updated 8 months ago

Building a text with paragraphs from a continuous uninterrupted text

plotEffectiveTaxRate 4 Updated 1 year ago

Calculate and plot Effective Tax Rate

enigma2000 0 Updated 5 years ago

File encrypter for DOS-shell

autohotkey-windows-mac-keyboard-PT-PT (fork) 2 Updated 8 months ago

AutoHotkey Mappings to emulate OSX behaviour with a Mac PT-PT keyboard on Windows

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