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I make open source software and hardware. Sometimes I do art. Sometimes I talk about philosophy.

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Hi, friend.

Can we stop pretending that the apocalypse isn't happening, literally right now, for a lot of people?

bullet points for emphasis:
* Climate change.
* Resurgence of nationalism and poverty.
* Increase in wealth disparity and violence.
* Children being deported from their homes.
* World leaders focusing on golf and social media.

The renaissance is over.

We are at war.


My name is Tessa Lynn Hawk Lovelace.
I'm an autism and disabilities advocate, currently fighting battles on multiple fronts to ensure the survival of my tribe.
I'm an Oregon backwoods native, and a long-time Portland resident.
I started a rather successful company, which is currently using my intellectual property against my consent to make obscene quantities of money (by a small group of former friends of mine).


Without the efforts of the last several years of professional labour and weekend work, and with my insurance company dragging their feet on getting my 2018 disability (I've received nothing since December 2017), I'm attempting to become a community sponsored effort.


Money is a superpower.
Superpowers get you semi-obedient minions.
With minions and some time, I can get us into orbit.

Lend me your superpowers, friend and neighbors. Tessa needs to move mountains.

Tesla's Vision of Free Energy

Free energy is out there.
Solar power is much more effective in orbit.
Once you have functionally free electricity in large enough quantities, some very silly things start being possible.
With free electricity and 3d printing backed up by modern small-scale industrial automation engineering, a lot of possibilities for producing goods/services offworld start becoming available.

Let's start by getting the basic bits for making bamboo-fill PLA plastic automated (grow sugarcane and bamboo in an optimized hydroponics/aquaponics pod) on a medium to small scale.
Then let's put one of those units into orbit, and see what happens.

We've had a lot of time, as humanity, to come up with a replacement for Никола Тесла's (Nikola Tesla) genius.
We haven't done very well at making basic things available for free, despite a glut of resources of every kind, globally.

I believe that nobody should be denied shelter, food, or healthcare because of financial need.

We're all stuck on this pretty little (rapidly deteriorating) biosphere together, and I'm probably your best shot at getting off this planet inside your grandchildren's lifetime.

Because of world events of the past several years, I've concluded that someone uncorrupted by "politics as usual" needs to step up and fulfill the desire of everyone who has ever thought (or spoken) "I don't want to live on this planet anymore..." and "Wubba lubba dub dub".

Since nobody else seems to be doing this, it's up to me to convince you that I'm that person.

Here's some initial 3-8 year plans:
* Establish an independent sovereign nation with opt-in nationality, under the Audacious Space Pirates name.
* Pursue diplomatic ambassador status for any members of ASP stuck on Sol 3.
* Increase my efforts to obtain formal political office, starting with my neighborhood of Brentwood-Darlington.
* Complete my master's thesis in the philosophy of ethical technology.
* Meet Temple Grandin.
* Convince David Bautista to read a portion of an email for me, out loud, as Drax the Destroyer, with his consent for a recording device.
* Present my conclusions on the need for a better system of interplanetary law and offplanet citizenship status recognition before the United Nations.
* Continue to pursue a better life for all of humanity through biofeedback device and neurodivergence research.
* Transhumanism.

I'm researching, designing, and prototyping hardware (medical sensors, mechanical prosthetics, disability assistive devices) as well as the systems necessary for supporting them (servers, access controls, authentication/biometrics, upgrades, backups).
I'm preparing for the moment when I can pay the rest of my team, and start installing all of these things in the first prototype modular microhouse.

I can build enough housing inside a cargo container to house three people in comfort, five people in friendly closeness, or seven people in an emergency.
I intend to acquire property in southwest Washington so I can invite anyone to join in, for as long as there are free beds.
I intend to use any extra money to acquire property in Portland for building small shelters on private land.

With the workshop upgrades a little bit of money can provide and a workspace, I can set up a foundry for producing modular multi person houses at marginal cost.
I can build these units out of an $8,000 cargo container and $7,000 in materials.
I have a logistics specialist who can ship worldwide.
Ending local homelessness is our short term goal.
Ending homelessness worldwide is the midterm goal.

Developing off-planet housing modules for business and pleasure is our long term goal.

I have a lot of thoughts, and a lot of experience, on how to be a good, ethical employer.
I will meet the basic needs of my workers, and provide wellness support for my people.

Give me permission to hack your city, your neighborhood, and your block to be better in this coming struggle.
The website resist.guide and darkpi.com projects are my focus at the moment.

There are fascists on the streets, slitting people's throats.
There are terrorists in the schools, seeking the blood of children.
The hurt lay sick and dying in our gutters while narrow minded and narcissistic imbeciles run the nations, the banks, and the courts.

Peaceful protests are being attacked by radical nationalists with murderous intent and execution.

Give me your money, and I'll forge a better world.

I make systems that are fair, open source, and ethical designs, and I've the mind of a kind storyteller to reshape history and ensure that small voices are heard despite the chaos.

As a child, I was fascinated by the realm beyond the grip of this planet's gravity.
I wanted to be an astronaut.
My desire for that was thwarted by my genetics, as I am vision impaired.

I've studied engineering, physics, and agriculture.
I grew up on a farm, and I've worked in multinational tech companies for years.
I understand the logistics of humanity, and I understand the very real efforts required to move that off this planet.

I've been drawing designs for space habitats since I was six.

Getting into orbit is the easy part.
Supporting modern needs from orbit, and moving our primary manufacturing of goods offworld, powered by renewables and recycleables, is the hard part.

I need to build an open source, renewable energy powered, modular spaceport to enable us to get the right combination of things into orbit to get proper manufacturing established.

conversation and communication introduction

If you wanna talk consent in tech, the philosophy of neurodivergence, or blacksmithing, I'm your nonbinary demi-human for that particular interaction.

I am trying to get enough funding to work as a full time open source developer.

I slay bots by assimilating their code into my botnet.
You have been warned.

Ask me about my love for cats, poetry, or life in general and I'll happily talk buckets of info at you until you withdraw consent for the particular discussion.

I am on the Autism and neurodivergent spectrum(s) and I have a rather pronounced communication disability, despite how well I hide it in normal conversation.

Please be aware that when I communicate:
* I literally can't read your non-verbal communication, please be explicit about your expectations.
* I sometimes almost always take things very literally.
* Directness is greatly appreciated.
* Additional clarification may sometimes be needed.

I'm interested in being your friend if you're a decent person.
I love hearing about the things you enjoy doing.
I enthusiastically support freedom of expression.

...did I mention I also study magic systems?
Haven't figured out if any of them work yet, but I sure am trying!
(meditation will lower your resting heartrate if you do it consistently tho, plus it's super relaxing. srsly, give it a try.)
(be careful with yoga tho, some bone types are degraded by it over time)

(this is a work in progress, ping me if you see an error)

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