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Developing PlotJuggler: the easiest and most powerful timeseries visualization tool

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Hi, I am Davide the creator of PlotJuggler.

I have been developing robotics software and hardware my whole professional life (15+ years); my community face a frequent problem: software can be debugged only through logging and tracing, because the "breakpoints based" interactive debugging won't work well.

Tracing is an effective approach in many fields of software engineering, not just robotics. Every time you need to debug embedded, real-time or distributed software, tracing is your best option.

But once you collected the data, you need to visualize it in a way that is easy, fast to and meaningful.

In the last 2+ years I have been developing PlotJuggler, a timeseries visualization tool that is powerful, intuitive and extensible.

Take a look on Github and give it a try!.

If you find it useful, consider Buying me a Coffe.

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