Ensar Sarajcic

Software engineer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, passionate about open-source

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Software engineer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, having 7+ years of experience in different technologies, proficient in Android, Java and Kotlin development. Eager to learn new technologies and interested in many different areas including game development, development tools and more. Passionate about open-source and maintaining and regularly contributing to several projects.

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nvim-dev-container Stars 506 Updated 2 weeks ago

Neovim dev container support - Mirror of https://codeberg.org/esensar/nvim-dev-container

kotlinx-serialization-msgpack Stars 44 Updated 10 months ago

MsgPack support for kotlinx.serialization -- msgpack.org[kotlinx.serialization]

neovim-java-plugin-host Stars 5 Updated 1 year ago

Neovim Java plugin manager and host - Moved to https://codeberg.org/neovim-java/neovim-java-plugin-host

neovim-java Stars 41 Updated 1 year ago

Neovim Java client library. Provides multiple interfaces for communicating with Neovim instance via multiple different protocols. - Moved to https://codeberg.org/neovim-java/neovim-java

fbihtax Stars 6 Updated 2 years ago

CLI tool to help manage tax payments in FBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation) written in Rust. - Moved to https://sr.ht/~esensar/fbihtax/


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