I'm looking to cover my digital expenses.

emsenn receives $1.15 per week from 1 patron. Goal: $13.00


I'm a hobbyist writer and developer with an interest in the things that shape our interactions with technology, like software document and project governance.

Why I'm Seeking Contributions

My dayjob is currently as a property manager, which means I get free rent, but don't have much cash. However, I do have sporadic spare time, which I'm using to develop some of my old projects for release as open source repositories. (Things like rules for a tabletop role-playing game, or a single-file PHP blogging engine, and a lot of essays, stories, and other writing.)

I plan on releasing all of them for free, but encourage anyone who finds them useful to make a contribution, either recurring here through Liberapay or one-time through Ko-fi. (You can see what I've released so far at git.sr.ht/~emsenn.)

Financial Disclosure

First, contributions would go toward my current computer-related expenses:

  • Internet access: $35.
  • Electricity for home server/desktop/laptops: ~$10/month
  • Fastmail account: $5/month
  • emsenn.net domain registration: $11/year

Total cost per week: ~$13.

If contributions rise comfortably above that amount, here's the services I would start to use:

  • Self-host my own sr.ht stack on a Vultr Instance at $18.50 a week.


Thanks for considering contributing to me. I understand that regardless of class, money is valuable, and I appreciate you giving an honest thought to sharing some of yours with me.

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