The Wholehearted Project

We seek to help others engage their stories, encounter Jesus, & experience hope, healing, & freedom.

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The Wholehearted Project seeks to help others engage their stories, encounter Jesus, and experience hope, healing, and freedom. We do that by creating and highlighting resources that foster honest conversations about the complexities of life and faith and help you encounter the compassionate and transformative love of Christ in the midst of your circumstances. We want to create a space where you can come to find words for all the things you think and feel, fear and hope, doubt and believe. It’s a place where we honestly wrestle with the realities of life and faith in a broken world—a world that holds both the first fruits of redemption and the groaning of “How long, O Lord?”

Donations are used for research and development (books, classes, consulting with subject matter experts), production needs (equipment, editing, design, video support, podcast equipment), website fees, and other associated costs with producing quality content. 


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