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Chinwag provides free and open communications tools for people who need them.

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Chinwag began as an example deployment for a series of tutorial articles on how to set up and run an XMPP server. Four years later, that server is still running, with hundreds of concurrent users, and the name has become the umbrella brand for other communication tools that we host for users.

Our Mastodon server, Chinwag Social, has been available for two years now, and has a dedicated local community, plus access to the wider Fediverse and the multitude of users across the world.

We use only tools with federated and decentralised protocols, based upon open standards to provide interoperability with other services like ours all over. There has never been, and ideally never will, be a charge to use these services that we host, however it's undeniable that they cost money. If you'd like to contribute to the running costs, we'd love you forever and will find a way to reward those who go above and beyond to help us out.

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