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The Open Source Projects from Catswords. https://catswords.social/@catswords_oss

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welsonjs Stars 64 Updated this week

WelsonJS - Build a Windows app on the Windows built-in JavaScript engine

reasonableframework Stars 18 Updated 4 weeks ago

ReasonableFramework is RVHM structured PHP framework. aka, RSF, VSPF, C-2020-018490

gnuboard5-activitypub Stars 5 Updated 3 months ago

ActivityPub (Fediverse) implementation for GNUBOARD5

potplayer-lingva Stars 37 Updated 10 months ago

Lingva Translate integration for PotPlayer subtitles realtime translation

CatswordsTab Stars 2 Updated 1 year ago

Make your own (reputation) community of each files on Windows environment


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