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Hi there! I am the owner of BoilingSteam.com (and its associated Mastodon Account and Youtube Channel) and my goal is to provide a solid perspective about the world of Linux Gaming: focusing on news, interviews of porters and developers, events coverage and opinions about what is happening on that scene.

BoilingSteam exists for several years now (launched in 2014), has a loyal following and is now renowned in this space. My mission is to bring you exclusive content beyond the typical news feeds you can find in other places.

I'm on Liberapay to accept donations - BoilingSteam does not have ads. I don't track users either in any way.

I am not in this for the money, but donations will be welcome to:

  • Cover the infrastructure costs (server, domain name, etc...), because nothing is free.
  • Pay for equipment/hardware that helps bringing the quality of what I do up.
  • Allow me to purchase some games to test on Linux and report how well they run (and make videos)

Everything I do is for the Linux Gaming community, so every penny you contribute is going to come back in the form of more quality coverage.

Thank you!

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