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The Smith Caring Circle (SCC) is a crowdsourced retirement plan for Barbara Smith, a groundbreaking and lifelong Black feminist writer, activist, scholar, organizer and thought leader. The Caring Circle People's Pension is crucial for Barbara to continue the work, in her retirement. Her lifelong commitment to struggle and liberation did not lead her down a path with a pension and much of her work was and still is uncompensated. The People's Pension (SCC) was created when she retired in 2017 and it has afforded her to live with respect, dignity and safety.

Photograph of Barbara Smith

As one of the original founders of the influential Black feminist Combahee River Collective, Barbara continues to be a key figure in the creation and realization of modern intersectional feminism. The ideas first discussed in the Combahee River Collective statement, have become the foundation of countless social justice movements, including the Movement for Black Lives.

Barbara continues to educate generations of queer, trans, feminist, abolitionists, activists and scholars both nationally and internationally, through conferences, panels, podcasts, workshops, community discussions and of course her own writing. Since the lynching of George Floyd last spring, Barbara has been focused on the immediate need to #NametheProblem and to #EndSystemicWhiteSupremacy. Her writings and discussion of the #HamerBakerPlan, featured in the Boston Globe and as the lead editorial in The Nation inspired numerous podcasts, interviews and discussions. Those links are contained on the website (www.smithcaringcircle.com).

We hope you will support Barbara's revolutionary work and words so she can continue her commitment to movement building and liberation. Her voice is crucial to the conversation and your Caring Circle gift ensures that it will continue to be heard in print, on line, and through connection with other critical thinkers, organizers, and scholars.

Please make your recurring donation. The Caring Circle members and Barbara appreciate your support.


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