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Hello, if you somehow have found this without visiting the website, I run a site called perpetualarchive.ca which has been up and running since about October 2018.

This project stemmed from when I initially created started by making an archive of you YouTube Channel CodysLab shortly before it was taken down, and making a backup torrent available in case his channel was not able to be restored. It was during this process that I realized how it can be a fairly annoying process to create large sized torrents with many individual files, and the fact that it's not an ideal way to have a constantly updated source of channel content.

So, about $800 later I had a new rack mount server dedicated to this project, with 4TB of storage (2X2TB in raid 1), a second external IP address, and a new domain name.

This project works by running the openly available Youtube-DL program on an interval to try to download youtube videos as quickly as possible when posted, in the highest quality, along with their subtitle files, thumbnails, and descriptions, at which point they are sorted and made available on the website, either as a way for people to simply search to see if a recent video was in fact removed or hidden, or as a way to download the content if a channel does vanish from the Youtube platform.

The project was mostly meant as a searchable index, however as time has gone on more and more people have started downloading the entire selection or whole channels, and as of late December 2019 there has been over 13.5 terabytes of downloads from all over the globe.

This hasn't affected my internet usage or anything like that, though it can cause speed issues for other users, but unfortunately without a significant increase in price I can't get any further download speeds. Hopefully my ISP will bump speeds up to match competition, but there is no guarantee of that.

Anyhow, I had some bitcoin and altcoin links set up for donations since I didn't think patreon would really fit, however so far I've only gotten ~$35 donated, and come to realize that maybe these aren't the best option for a lot of people.

I wasn't expecting anything though I was hopeful that the initial hardware cost would be made back at some point, however this hasn't, and will not affect my continuation to run the project to help out smaller channels that might not have much influence with youtube to deal with false flags, channels that might be taken down soon, or, as is tragically the case recently, channels who's owners are no longer around to manage their channel if it does end up targeted.

Recently I've struggled a bit with youtube blocking my IP address for downloads, which may end up in needing a paid vpn subscription, but that is uncertain at this time.

So, this is far to long as is, basically if you want to chip in for when I need to buy more storage, if I need to upgrade my internet speed, or just to say thanks I figured this might be a better method worth trying out for a while.


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