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I have had a huge passion for computers, programming, gaming, mechanical things, and basically anything relating to how things work since I was pretty young (sorry for taking everything apart as a child Mom and Dad...). Until this point I felt that it was not necessary, but as I continue to educate people and become a mentor at work and outside of work, I thought it would be useful to document some of it for the rest of the world to enjoy instead of just the people I am immediately surrounded by. I have always been a hard worker and a smart worker. I automate the stuff I don't really want to do, or figure out a way to have someone or something else do it for me to minimize my efforts in the long run. I love programming, but my interests definitely extend way beyond computers. Fun fact, I was heavily considering doing ceramics full time as a career path. I also like to hike, fish, snowboard, make beer (and drink it), and lots of other stuff. For more info, check out the videos!

Check out my personal site for some of my projects and more information about me, or to contact me directly: PMacDev.com

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