The Mythologos Channel educates about mythology & free software & publishes high quality fiction!

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Mythologos Podcast: In-depth content all about myth, culture and literature. Free Software Report: News, reviews and tutorials about Free Software, primarily Linux. Mythologos Newsletter: Monthly PDF magazine that expands on the podcasts with full-length, original articles and features. Fiction: In 2021 I am publishing the sequel to my science-fiction/fantasy novel Carrot Field. Starting in 2022, I am focusing on Omniad, a 15 volume novel that explores mythology through intricately interwoven narratives.

I want to expand Mythologos and provide even higher quality content. But to do that, I need better equipment to improve the technical scope of the podcasts and funding for publishing overhead, such as book cover art and graphic design.

Your donations will help support independent publishing, free public education and advance the cause of free and open technology!

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