MyZeroCcrbon-a Climate Change Action project 2 encourage & enable you reducing your carbon footprint

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My Zero Carbon is a non-profit Climate Change action project to enable as many people as possible to take positive actions on climate change via helpful and practical tips and tricks and animated & live image videos.

I have been aware of the Climate Change issue since the late 1980s. I also started personal action to reduce the impact of my behaviour on the environment at that time. As a committed Christian, for me, Climate Change is a matter of priority concern for ‘Creation Care’. I want to unite with people of all backgrounds, creeds, motivations and nations to tackle this challenge.

Like many other people, I have already reduced my carbon footprint In my case, I reduced it by two-thirds from approx. 7.5 t to 2.5 t. I would like to share practical tips and tricks with as many other people as possible on how to do the first two-thirds of your personal carbon reduction. I would then like to take you on a journey to tackle the last third towards zero carbon. By sharing my efforts publicly, I can give hope and encourage many people. At the same time, I can contribute to a lot more carbon emission reductions than if I just work on reducing my own carbon footprint.

I am willing to give up a substantial proportion of my income as a freelance environmental consultant over the next two years to focus on this project.

I am committed to run this project 1 day a week for one year.

Every further donation of £150 will extend the project by one week. I am also seeking donations from major grant givers and from business sponsors and companies providing goods or services to reduce your carbon footprint.

Your personal donation can provide the match-funding that will unlock more funding from organisations. You can read more about project on the website https://myzerocarbon.org.

Ideas for videos include:

What is Climate Change?
Top 10 Climate Change myths debunked
Why we need to take action on the climate now! 
How do I work out my carbon footprint?
Climate Change – why stop eating meat?
How to reduce your carbon footprint – home energy
How to reduce your carbon footprint from transport
How to reduce your carbon footprint from what you eat
How to reduce your carbon footprint from what you consume
How to start growing your own fruit and vegetable
Electric bike review

There is a full list with over 40 topics in the full project proposal!

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