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Well hey there, little lady

I've been making YouTube videos since the tender age of 15. If you enjoy these cryptic snippets of my existence and want to monetarily support this work, thank you.

I don't earn Adsense revenue on my videos – mostly because I use the music I want, rather than only royalty free tracks – which means any ad money goes to the record labels or copyright holders.

Other ways to support my work

Become a patron

Become a patron

Marion Honey Patreon

"Why don't you just get / use Patreon?" 🙄

I made a video about this! Short answer though is: I did think about a Marion Honey Patreon. But at the end of the day, there is an expectation with Patreon to provide behind the scenes and bonus content. And that's not something I can confidently commit to delivering consistently. I'd rather spend more time creating videos, and less time with pressure to update yet another social channel. So this platform felt like a better fit.

"I want to support on a monthly basis; weekly is too much" 😕

That's cool! LiberaPay has options to select a monthly or yearly subscription instead. Head to the donate page to enter the amount and time frame that works best for you.

"How much do you recommend I donate?" 🤔

Honestly it means a lot that you even checked out this page. So thank you. Any amount is appreciated. Seriously. You can give as little as 1 cent a week. If you want some guidance and like to measure your world in treats, like me:

  • £3.50/mo = ☕️ one chai latte with oat milk
  • £6.60/mo = 🍪 🥐 cookie + croissant (one for now, one for later)
  • £12/mo = 🍹 one overpriced cocktail (will assume you have a crush on me, OR that you're my mother)

G O A L S 🥅

  • £155/w ~ £675/mo ............ I can just about pay rent – woohoo!
  • £380/w ~ £1,647/mo ........ earning minimum wage, baby ✌️
  • £442/w ~ £1,915/mo ......... the current London living wage
  • £715/w ~ £3,100/mo ........ I can realise my introvert dream: live without flatmates in London

How LiberaPay works 👁‍🗨

LiberaPay is designed for long-term stable funding and only supports recurring gifts. That said, you can stop your donation or modify the amount, periods and renewals at any time. You can pay in your currency of choice via card, bank account or Paypal. Paypal transactions will appear on your account as a payment to No Honey Business. Learn more about LiberaPay here and check out their FAQ for how it's different (but similar) to Patreon.

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Become a patron

Marion Honey Patreon

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