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Repositories 0 Updated 5 years ago

log2browser 1 Updated 5 years ago

Watch logs output in your browser

Presentation-elgg 1 Updated 7 years ago

Présentation du framework Elgg utilisant reveal.js

elgg_snippets_and_clippings 1 Updated 7 years ago

Sublime Text sinppets and BBEdit clippings for Elgg

elgg-1.8-fr 5 Updated 8 years ago

Translation of Elgg 1.8 (fork) 0 Updated 3 years ago

Espace collaboratif à la traduction française de =>

tailor (fork) 0 Updated 4 years ago

Build beautiful page layouts quickly and easily using your favourite WordPress theme.

simplemde-markdown-editor (fork) 0 Updated 4 years ago

A simple, beautiful, and embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor. Delightful editing for beginners and experts alike. Features built-in autosaving and spell checking.

sublime-scroll (fork) 0 Updated 5 years ago

php-console (fork) 0 Updated 6 years ago

PHP Debug Console

programmation-pour-les-enfants (fork) 0 Updated 6 years ago

Des ressources pour initier ses enfants aux principes de la programmation.

Elgg (fork) 1 Updated 6 years ago

A social networking engine

france-geojson (fork) 0 Updated 6 years ago

Contours des régions, départements et communes de France métropolitaine au format GeoJSON

elgg-questions (fork) 2 Updated 9 years ago

A Q&A plugin for Elgg (ala Facebook Questions, Quora, Stack Overflow, etc.)



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