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I am creating plugins for TiddlyWiki because I want some specific functionality. But there is only a bunch of 24 hours a day and I also have a family, friends, a real job.

A big thanks, if you find it awesome and want to support it. if you dont have the funds, no problem, I will do it anyway.

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HC-Plugins Stars 3 Updated 3 years ago

Plugins for Tiddlywiki made by HC

TW-Trashbin-mod Stars 3 Updated 4 years ago

A mod to the Trashbin plugin

TW5-toc_counting Stars 1 Updated 4 years ago

a plugin for TW5. adds a count of child tiddlers to the TOC

TW5-NewTaskHere Stars 0 Updated 6 years ago

A plugin for Tiddlywiki 5 that ads a button to make a new task tiddler taged with the current tiddler


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