GlitchTip is an open source error tracking and monitoring platform

GlitchTip receives $10.93 per week from 16 patrons. Goal: $100.00
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GlitchTip monitors your app and puts errors, uptime, and performance data all in one place for you to see. It integrates with Sentry open source SDKs to receive error and performance data from your application. It’s open source, so you can host it yourself, or let us host if for you.

Our suggested donation for self-host users is $5/user/month. Your donation supports sustainable open source development. Set the I_PAID_FOR_GLITCHTIP environment variable to "true" to replace donation links with fun GlitchTip illustrations.


  • $100/week would fund our infrastructure. If we meet this goal, we'll buy a faster CI server and start building ARM docker images in addition to x86. We'll also increase our free tier event limit for hosted GlitchTip which is currently 1000 events/month.
  • $1500/week would fund a full time developer. If we meet this goal, we'll commit a developer to full time work on nothing but GlitchTip. This would drastically speed up feature development.

Talk to us on Gitter or view our code on Gitlab.


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