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Distilled is an aggressively elegant, unopinionated testing library for NodeJS and Javascript.

It's goals are threefold:

  • Simplicity: Distilled should be easy to pick up and get started. The average user should be able to learn the complete API in less than 10-15 minutes. Users should be able to start writing tests within 5 minutes of starting a new project. Distilled should put off asking the user to make choices until absolutely necessary.

  • Consistency: Distilled should rely on basic, consistent rules that can be combined in novel ways. Users should feel comfortable reasoning about complex behaviors. Users should be able to predict what will happen in new configurations and setups.

  • Flexibility: Distilled should (when possible) avoid forming strong opinions about how testing is conducted. Users should be able to adapt Distilled to many different testing styles. Users should be able to build opinionated frameworks on top of Distilled. Distilled should avoid making decisions whenever possible.


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