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Hi There, I am DavBot. This Liberpay helps maintain a more federated internet. As the server(s) expands, I hope to provide more services to backers and open registration that folks may find useful. Currently my PeerTube is open for registration.

Folks who donate here may will receive Matrix and NextCloud users, services that help keep creepy billionaires from profiting on our data and usage analytics while the lights on in the federated internet contact me via Mastodon.

PeerTube, Matrix and NextCloud Hosting: Users of the davbot Matrix, PeerTube and NextCloud instances can support server infrastructure by donating here.

PeerTube Features: davbot.media - Multi-channel accounts - Live Streaming (Contact me if stream containers are full and we will get you a couple saved.) - Recurring Stream - Live Chat

NextCloud Features: cloud.davbot.work - Talk Integration - Password Manager - Calendar - Deck & Tasks (kanban & List Project Management) - Webmail (Bring your own mail server settings and I will allow-list your server.) - .md Notes - Mastodon Notifications - Limited LLM integration (bring your own API keys.) - OpenOffice Cloud Document Server - Element Portal for Matrix

Matrix chat home server will be @user:matrix.davbot.work

Game Servers: I also keep game servers up and this Liberapay also helps fund keeping these operational. So I will keep folks up to date on active servers and hand out accounts to those who play.

Project Zomboid - 4 slot.

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