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CURSED WITH GOOD IDEAS is, and will most likely remain, an occasional, DIY, underproduced and directionless podcast.

We are a small group of people floating around the world chasing precarious jobs and academic fantasies, and we're happy to put in the work to organize, record, mix and share new episodes whenever we manage to.

Our only cost is hosting - if we want to bring CWGI to people listening to podcasts via apps like iTunes, Castbox or Spotify, we have to pay $100+ a year to a publishing service. Up to now, we've gladly pooled some money to pay for this, but we'd also appreciate any support to help us bear the cost as we go forward.

We're not going to set up merchandise and Patreon-like rewards, but if you want to be on show just @ us or send us an e-mail. Everything will remain free and as random as before. If you have some spare change, we'll give back in dumb takes and maybe fix the microphone hiss.

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