Filesystem dispatch for web applications since 2006

Aspen's goal is to receive €25.00 per week.
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Aspen is a collection of Python libraries for web applications, including a web micro-framework named Pando.

We're currently working on cleaning up Aspen, but it's a lot of work. Receiving some money for that work would be nice.

P.S. The website you're viewing right now is built on top of Aspen and Pando.


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pando.py 148 Updated 1 year ago

Filesystem dispatch + Simplates + Python = a nice web framework.

aspen.py 19 Updated 1 year ago

A filesystem dispatch library for Python web frameworks

state_chain.py 5 Updated 1 year ago

Model an algorithm as a list of functions operating on a shared state dict.

dependency_injection.py 2 Updated 1 year ago

a library for implementing dependency injection

aspen.py-plugins 3 Updated 3 years ago

Repo to collect plugins for Aspen


Aspen joined 7 years ago.

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