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ArcoLinux is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. The project's goal is to empower Linux users. 2500+ Youtube tutorials place a strong focus on learning and acquiring Linux skills.

You can choose between 30 isos and 26 desktops.

ArcoLinuxL is the flagship with Xfce4 and many amazing Linux applications. ArcoLinuxS is the same as ArcoLinuxL without the Linux applications. ArcoLinuxD is the most bare iso. No desktops and no applications. During the Calamares installer you select what you want to install or not. ArcoLinuxB project is where you can build your own personal iso. With a script you create your own personal ISO or you download them pre-build. ArcoLinuxB ISOS are always minimal. A few applications are present. More info here : https://www.arcolinux.info/arcolinux-editions/ ArcoLinux promotes using Arch Linux. We give you the knowledge to make your own choices. We deliver you a mix of tools, tweaks and scripts to master Linux. Learn, have fun and enjoy.

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