Hey I'm Alex, I manage pawngame.com and I'm the current developer for Pawn / Pawn Tactics.

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Hey I'm Alex, I'm the manager of https://pawngame.com.

I was a big fan of Pawn and Pawn Tactics when I was younger, and now I'm pleased to be able to extend the life of these games.

Pawn and Pawn Tactics were high-school projects of Blank101 and JPillz. Although the original developers have moved on, the games mean so much more to us. This is why I'm here.

Exploiting my passion for all-things-to-do-with-computing, I strive to bring the best updates to our games. I am currently spending most of my time converting the old game code into a modular structure that can be easily scaled and expanded.

Because Pawn, and Pawn Tactics are free to play, and I don't like the idea of subjecting our community members to advertisements; the expenses I incur providing pawngame.com will have to be covered by donations. I will use Liberapay to communicate my expenses.


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