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I'm hosting a Mastodon instance at toot.li . Mastodon is a decentralized microblogging platform.

Your donation will be used to pay the hosting and service fees for toot.li . If you would like to contribute financially to the overall development of Mastodon, use this link.

A huge thank you to all past, current and future patrons. Your financial support allows me to provide users all over the world with a free, decentralized and privacy-respecting social platform.

These are the monthly costs involved in running toot.li:

  • Server Hosting with DDoS protection and Snapshots: €15
  • Selfhosted anycast CDN: €30
  • Backup Storage: €5
  • Domain and DNS: €2
  • Monitoring services(selfhosted+paid): €5
  • Administration: ~€20
  • Total: €77 (~$95)


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