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Keep Open-Source open for everyone!

TeaHub is founded as a Non-Profit Organization, with the objective to give the Open-Source code that is running our world a safe and friendly home, and to ensure that free code remains free and secure forever.

We are currently in the process of being founded: designing service architecture, infrastructure, working out legal documents, filing and registration, and asking for your support.

A free platform for free software

Our ambition is to provide developers with a free and Open-Source repository version control platform and management user interface. To achieve this great goal TeaHub relies on Gitea.

Fully transparent and completely in the hands of the crowd. We want to build a community that is actively shaping the platform they trust with their code.

We need your help

We invite you to join our journey. Support us to overcome legal and organisatory hurdles and to build and maintain the community-run infrastructure needed to keep Free and Open Source free and open forever.

Visit https://teahub.io

Note on Liberapay status

We are currently founding our organisation (planned legal entity is a non-profit society, "gemeinnütziger e.V." registered according to German law). As we are in founding stage, the organisation is obviously not yet registered, and we are asking you to support us in the founding process. This Liberapay account is thus a personal/individual account of the founders, and will be transitioned to a non-profit-organisation account as soon all required documents are available. Please contact us directly to learn more.


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