I am working on tool to make backups from Medium articles

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I have an idea to backup my articles from Medium with all images and external content. Save articles in different formats: Markdown, HTML, JSON.

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medup 9 Updated 1 month ago

Download all content from Medium to local folder

prcomment 2 Updated 1 year ago

Update or create a new comment to PR or Issue.

packer-images 0 Updated 1 year ago

Collection of packer recipes to build linux images

prometheus_on_eb 2 Updated 5 years ago

Example how to setup MultiContainer application on ElasticBenstalk

custom_packages_cookbook 0 Updated 6 years ago


facebook-multiple-like-sample 0 Updated 7 years ago

A sample how to use multiple like buttons for different products on one page

ec2_ip_remapper 1 Updated 7 years ago

bang_bang_xhr 0 Updated 7 years ago

For guys that like for `request.xhr?` to return `true` or `false` in a rails application.

cross-domain-sharing 0 Updated 7 years ago

It is a sample application to article http://blog.jetthoughts.com/2010/12/22/allow-multiple-access-control-requests-for-rails/

calculations_by_time_range 1 Updated 10 years ago

Add to ActiveRecord methods to calculate agregate values by time range.

lightstep-tracer-python (fork) 0 Updated 1 year ago

The LightStep distributed tracing library for Python

lightstep-tracer-go (fork) 0 Updated 1 year ago

The LightStep distributed tracing library for Go


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