I do a lot of things but at the same time I do nothing. Who am I?

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I started from scratch and in a few months I learned to develop plug-ins for the Rust game. I am now able to do pretty much everything and if you give me time to learn, I am able to do everything.

I would like to grow the Rust developer community and especially the French-speaking Rust developer community. That's why I opened a Discord server called Bonjour Rust:

Ce serveur Discord regroupe la communauté francophone de Rust. Elle a pour but de faciliter la rencontre entre les joueurs de Rust mais aussi de partager le savoir des créateurs de contenu, développeurs, designers, administrateurs, hébergeurs de serveurs, ...

Therefore I created a profile on LiberaPay hoping to have some supporters that would allow me to devote more time to the development of plugins and to make the French-speaking developer community better known.


Being able to rent a good Dedicated Server to host vanilla servers, modded servers and gamemodes servers. I would also like to create casual and competitive events on these servers.

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