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Hello, Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier here, pronouns are they/them, I’m a Gentoo user and Proxy-Maintainer and I’m currently at Lycée Expérimental de Saint-Nazaire.

Feel free to ask me things, be it questions, doing stuff or whatever else (no warranty on the latter but I don’t bite anyway :3), I get bored sometimes and I fallback to anime watching a lot… (I should probably blog about it…)

Donations will be towards computer hardware / electronics or for living if needed.

What I do

  • Maintain ebuilds for app-editor/vis on gentoo and a bunch of other ones on my overlay
  • Host my own services
  • Patches a lot of them (customizations and fixes)
  • Find/Trigger computer bugs and trying to fix them
  • Code stuff (Mainly in C and Shell)

What I used to do or what do less now

  • Activism (Mostly Libre ’ware and Gender+Queer Rights)
  • Draw and Music
  • Contribute to Wikimedia projects, Translations


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