Konrad Talik

Freelance Data Application Engineer

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I turn data into live applications. Support me if you like any of my projects. Thanks!

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mining-social-network-graphs 6 Updated 4 years ago

An Introduction to Mining of Social Network Graphs based on Rajaraman, Anand, and Jeffrey D. Ullman. Mining of massive datasets. Chapter 10

munin-nginx-errors 3 Updated 5 years ago

📉 Munin plugin displaying the number of errors in Nginx webserver

ml-and-conflict-prevention-python 0 Updated 6 years ago

Test case of machine learning and conflict prediction in Python

bio-inspired-microrobotics 1 Updated 7 years ago

Overview of Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory and other robotic inspirations

maketests 1 Updated 7 years ago

:white_check_mark: Make system tests with GNU Make and GNU Bash

ml-and-conflict-prevention (fork) 0 Updated 7 years ago

Test case of machine learning and conflict prediction.


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