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I'm one of the admins behind 5222.de, who hosts a free public XMPP service. If you like our service, please consider a small donation, to support us. If you want to know, what we do with the money, visit our donation page, where we document it.

I also host a Pleroma instance (a lightwight ActivityPub/OStatus implementation) on edolas.world, where you can register for free and connect with your friends in the Fediverse, no matter if they are on GNUSocial, postActiv, Mastodon, Friendica, etc.

If you use Pleroma or Pleroma-FE (standalone version of the Pleroma frontend, which can be used for GS/pA as well), consider a small donation for the dev's too. Since they don't want money, the best way is to ask in the IRC channel #pleroma at freenode how you can do something good to them.

Thank you very much!

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