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Edukado@Interreto (E@I) is a non-government youth organisation, that initiates and supports projects with the international help of volunteers, organises educational and cultural events, and inform about the importance and usefulness of non-barrier international communication.

E@I participates in several educational online projects - Lernu!, slovake.eu, Vortoj, deutsch.info, polski.info, russky.info etc.

E@I regularly organizes national and international events on various topics: education, languages, Esperanto, and so on - for example, Polyglot Gathering, Somera Esperanto-Studado (SES), Konferenco pri Aplikoj de Esperanto en Scienco kaj Tekniko (KAEST), LingvaFest'.

Due to the pandemic in 2020 several planned events could not take place in person, so E@I created its own platform for online events called Retevent. It aims to help organize virtual events, seminars, congresses, conferences. The platform offer various functions to fulfill the wishes of the participants of online events. Until now, because of the pandemic, it has been partly replacing physical events, but in the future it will be possible to use it as an “additional platform”, in order to e.g. connect people or members who could meet in person only with great difficulty, if at all. The name of the platform comes from Esperanto: it is a shortening of "reta evento" ("online event").

Retevent was and is used for several international virtual events, including:

  • Polyglot Gathering Online 2020
  • 76-a IJK (Internacia Junulara Kongreso) de TEJO
  • Virtuala SES 2020 de E@I
  • VEKI (Virtuala Esperanto Konferenco ILEI) de ILEI
  • VK (Virtuala Kongreso) de UEA
  • 5-a Interlingvistika Simpozio de la Universitato Adam Mickiewicz en Poznano
  • Konferenco pri Aplikoj de Esperanto en Scienco kaj Tekniko (KAEST) 2020

With this Liberapay page you can financially support E@I - donate money to strengthen our organization. Thank you! You can contact us at <info@ikso.net> and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


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