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I RESCUE STRAY ANIMALS - abused, neglected, rejected & forgotten-about souls

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I rescue stray animals – abused, neglected, rejected & forgotten-about souls lost in the streets of Thailand.
Not necessarily by my smart choosing, but because it has chosen me
and, if I'm perfectly honest, rescued me.

It's hands-down the most challenging undertaking of my life. There are no words that could describe the devastation of witnessing the cruelty & abuse that animals suffer at the hands of humans directly; and indirectly, due to peoples’ indifference to their plight, their desperate struggle to survive in the dire conditions they’ve been born into on the back of the same indifference – years in it still rips me apart in ways that I did not know is possible or could endure.
Inevitably, time upon time, the fury-sadness-frustration-rage brings me to question the sense of this world, question this life, question my sanity.

And yet, equally inevitable, it takes only one..
one moment, one look into one pair of rescued eyes (or one eye) to know it's absolutely worth it. Hands-down, every time.
To know without question that the insanity was questioning it in the first place, because for me it IS what brings sense to the world.
This, to me, stands as a single truth because as torn apart as I might find myself to be, the pieces are always held together by the moments in between
– moments where I’ve known unbounded elation, where I’ve been awed by the wonder of life,
moments that even the darkest depths of devastation cannot touch.

Working in the field of animal rescue is not everyone – I can’t imagine anything that'd compare!
..I’ve seen how the smallest gesture makes all the difference; how simple it can be to change lives
..I’ve witnessed miracles unfold in the most incredible & unexpected ways, in front of my eyes
..I’ve been humbled by people's generosity & kindness; felt love poured out by complete strangers
and through it all I’ve learnt to recognize what truly matters to me, and what does not.
In making a difference, I’ve found a purpose so profound that the boundaries that once defined what I do, to who I am, have been transcended and
become one & the same thing: simply, me.

I love what I do. I love what I live. One animal at a time, I know my efforts are changing lives!

This is my art..
a driving passion alive within me, expressed in service to something much bigger than ego
– my life as the canvas, this is what I live to create.

-- Hanli

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