Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos

Localizer and Spanish/Catalan language consultation

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I’m a teacher and polyglot who discovered open source and became enamoured of its potential. I have been working in free-software translation projects for 11 years, and thanks to those contributions I’m now a recognized community member of The Document Foundation and Ubuntu. My work spans operating systems (Ubuntu, elementary, openSUSE, Fedora) and large or low-level software projects (LibreOffice, AppStream, iso-codes, MediaWiki). I’m very detail-oriented and will ensure the use of a uniform, substantiated terminology (including removing common Anglicisms) as well as proper microtypographic conventions for each of my target languages (I know the difference between " and «“”», x and ×).

I am passionate about Romance languages, books and typography. I love learning new languages and enjoy discovering their intricacies.

Getting to maintain quality translations in so many projects is fun, but also comes at a great personal cost. If you like the work I do, please consider giving me some money so that I can continue contributing. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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