Developing a working Mobile Virtualized Solution based on KVM or Xen

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I am looking for any opportunity to get deeper into KVM or Xen development for mobile or embedded systems. My purpose is to dive into KVM(Xem) on ARM projects and help its developers to improve the quality to the production level.

The main motivation of this work is to provide a working solution that will transfer current virtualization practices to Mobile area, thus, allowing a user to run suspicious software (including suspicious operating systems!) in an isolated environment. This solution should be applicable in such mobile systems like Plasma Mobile or Librem 5 Phone software.

About me: I have some experience with embedded programming, 3-years of working experience in companies in Russia and I have participated in GSoC 2017 with "RTEMS for RISC-V" project. More about it can be found in my blog: https://embeddedden.blogspot.ru/ and also on GSoC's site: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/archive/2017/projects/4780624749527040/.

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